Mora Amaro La Loba

Mora Amaro La Loba

Poet, writer, singer-song-writer, music producer, sound researcher,

philosopher, painter, fan of acid humor, scared by estupidity

Through the smoke 

Few songs talk about this topic and I think it should be done more often and although I do not indicate what it is, whoever listens to me, will know

This video is part

of a playlist titled

Songs of Thought

on my Youtube channel
 composed at the moment

by 200 music videos

that can be viewed

as if they were video-art

containing beautiful

and surprising peculiar songs

born of thought

Robbers in the mirror

Why those who dream lose their dreams when they

wake up

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of a playlist titled

Nu-Electronic Melodic
which is composed

at the moment

by 47 music videos


nu electronic-melodic music  

full of strength

and surprising sounds

wrapped by lyrics

that leave no one indifferent

Una maleta llena de cosas que se esconden unas de otras

Un vestido de flores rojas que se mecen entre los plieques de mi falda

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de una lista de reproducci├│n titulada
Canciones en Espa├▒ol
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por el momento
por 17 videoclips
que se pueden disfrutar
como si fueran video-arte
conteniendo hermosas
y sorprendentes canciones peculiares
nacidas del pensamiento