Mora Amaro La Loba

Mora Amaro La Loba

Poet, writer, singer-song-writer, arranger, music producer, video art creator, sound researcher, philosopher, painter, fan of acid humor, stupidity scares me!!!

(This information is very summary but what's the point of where I have studied or worked if the only thing that matters is what I do... And this is the sample)

Through the Cracks of Each Day

Raindrops undulate
the clouds and the sky
caught in the puddles
under a dancing fog
that goes and comes
around my soul

Memories are not enough to paint my life
truth and lie talk to each other
inside all the past' drawers

Today I am lost in my landscape
looking for my shadow
to tie her to my feet
and follow my way

Moments of many sides
steps on the edge of a knife
doors and roads lost in oblivion

thoughts and whispers
going to light or to perdition

Flowers for love and death
numbers that do not serve
everything is the way
the way the way the way
in my landscape

Today I am lost in my landscape
looking for my shadow
to tie her to my feet and follow my way
through ny landscape

my steps they go away
I have to follow them
pick up bitter things
that prepare palate for any sweet

laughter in the air for no reason
dreams that perched on elusive shadows
caresses kept in shyness
everything that slipped through the cracks of each day

When Night Falls

when night falls
fears come
and all the lights
seem few to me
to cover their shadow

when night falls
memories come
and any sound
little seems to me
to cover their mouth


they all dance together
in a strange place
with no walls
with no floor

that shake hands
to torment me

Robbers in the mirror

Why those who dream lose their dreams when they

wake up

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Una Maleta llena de cosas que se esconden unas de otras

Yo camio, camino,
camino de la luna

Llevo una falda de flores rojas
que se mecen
entre los pliegues
con el baile de mis pasos
y el vaivén de mi maleta
llena de cosas
que se esconden unasde otras

Cruzo salones y habitaciones
con sus pasillos que sin sentido
siepre te llevan a unas ventanas
sobre los riscos de un laberintoç
en mi camino de la luna


english subtitled in the video

Correo Electró